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Holocaust Education Week

Beit Rayim's 
Holocaust Education Week Program 2017

Beit Rayim Synagogue in partnership with the Town of Richmond Hill will be presenting a program for Holocaust Education Week.

This year’s program will be “Defiant Requiem”, the Emmy nominated documentary, tells the extraordinary, untold story of the brave acts of resistance by Jewish prisoners at Theresienstadt during World War II.

Guest speaker Maestro Murry Sidlin is the creator/conductor of Defiant Requiem: The Live Performance, which inspired the documentary. He introduces the film and contextualises the circumstances surrounding its creation.

The program is Sunday November 5th, 2015 at the Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts at 7:30.

It is a free event, however we ask that you reserve tickets by visiting hew2017-defiantrequiem. eventbrite.ca or by calling 905-771-5526 at Town of Richmond Hill

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Beit Rayim's
Holocaust Education Week Program 2016

HOLD THE DATE:  Sunday November 6 @ 7:30pm

or call 905-771-5526

Beit Rayim's Holocaust Education  Program - 2015


Yasher Koach for an exceptional Holocaust Education Week - 2014

Beit Rayim Synagogue and School in partnership with the Town of Richmond Hill proudly presented the memorable and informative program "Commemorating and Celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the Kindertransport" for the 34th Annual Holocaust Education Week.

 Please click here to read Cheryl Cepler's review of this memorable event. 

We would like to acknowledge and gratefully thank the members of Beit Rayim Synagogue for their generous donations in support of this program.

Yasher Koach once again to Sandra Gold Millstein and her exceptional team of fellow volunteers for all their hard work relating to Holocaust Education Week

Beit Rayim Patrons

Haya Furman | Alan & Ronda Goldberg | Jeff & Carol Grossman } Michael & Tracy Handler | Richard Millstein & Sandra Gold | Stephen Reisch & Audrey Neamtan | Sony Nseiri & Dagmar Pelc | Irv & Isabel Siegel | Charles & Susan Ticker

Program Sponsors

The Azrieli Foundation 

V!VA Thornhill Woods

Retirement Community

Four Elms Retirement Residence

We sincerely thank the participants, volunteers and organizing committees


Invited Guest Speaker: Michael Newman

Kinder Rescued on the Kindertransport: Susi Gardner | Walter Steuerman | Paul Heimann | Peter Theimer | Martin Maxwell

Eli Bard | Mayor Dave Barrow | Marney Beck | Eric Cohen | Dori Ekstein | Haya Furman | Ronda Goldberg | Mira Goldfarb | Cheryl Green | Michael Grit | Griffin Hanratty | Lisa Hanratty | Liam Hanratty | Risa Healey | Simone Joseph | Ilona Meron | Sandra Gold Millstein | Richard Millstein | Audrey Neamtan | Aviva Nseiri | Maurice Nseiri | Sony Nseiri | Adrienne Nusbaum | Alan Nusbaum | Carson Phililips | Miriam Raubvogel | Zvi Raubvogel | Stephen Reisch | Doris Rochman | Rammy Rochman | Marilyn Sinclair | Myrtle Stone | Mary Siklos | Pat Vattolo | Charles Ticker | Beth Zimmer | Rabbi Chezi Zionce

With respect and gratitude, we thank Eli Bard and Ester Bard z"l for their vision and leadership regarding Holocaust Education and Remembrance. 

We would also like to thank Sandra Gold Millstein for all her hard work relating to Holocaust Education Week.


Beit Rayim Synagogue and School in partnership with 
The Town of Richmond Hill   
34th Annual Holocaust Education Week  - 2014

Join Beit Rayim and the Town of Richmond Hill for a screening of  




Click here for more information and printable flyer     

commemorating and celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the Kinderstransport. 

The Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts, 10268 Yonge Street, Richmond Hill 

Richmond Hill Centre for Performing Arts    

Thursday, October 30, 2014 at 7:30 PM, Free admission   

pre-registration required: www.kindertransport.eventbrite.ca or [email protected] 


34th Annual Holocaust Education Week 

Holocaust Centre Website

Beit Rayim's Holocaust Education  Program 2013

 Check out our pictures in the Synagogue Gallery
 Click here for thank you note from Holocaust Education Centre 

"One Voice at a Time: Engaging Students in the Culture of Memory"                                                       

We would like to acknowledge and gratefully thank the members of Beit Rayim Synagogue for their commitment and dedication to Holocaust Education and for graciously and generously donating to this program.   

Eli & Ester Bard Larry & Amy Miller Richard Millstein & Sandy Gold Stephen Reisch & Audrey Neamtan 
Alan & Ronda Goldberg Sony Nseiri & Dagmara Pelc Jeff & Carol Grosman Irv & Isabel Siegel
Michael & Tracy Handler Chuck & Susan Ticker Shelley & Jody Isenberg  

We sincerely thank the participants, volunteers and organizing committees. 

Eli Bard Mayor Dave Barrow Ellin Bessner  Ben Botbol Jaclyn Cepler-Klimitz Sandy Gold 
Susan Kendall Ronda Goldberg  Mira Goldfarb Michael Grit Risa Healey Fran Isaacs 
Bill Mandelman Larry Miller Richard Millstein  Blair Mlotek Aviva Nsieri   Adrienne Nussbaum 
Elaine Pepper Ava Rafii  Pat Vattola Rammy Rochman Mary Siklos Beth Zimmer
Rabbi Chezi Zionce Michael Millstein  Miriam Raubvogel      

Tribute to Ester Bard z"l

Eli Wiesel said "The opposite of love, is not hate, it is indifference." Ester Bard was a compelling force for religious, educational and cultural activities at Beit Rayim Synagogue until her untimely death on January 13th, 2012. I want to thank Ester and Eli for their dedication and commitment to Holocaust Education. They have given me the greatest gift; the opportunity, to work with them and highly motivated others, and to be an active part of such important and meaningful programming for our community. Eli and Ester are an inspiration to me and so many others and have created a lasting legacy to Holocaust Education and Remembrance. We greatly appreciate their vision and tireless efforts. Their support of Holocaust education is very inspiring and serves as a role model to us all.
Sandy Gold on behalf of Beit Rayim Synagogue and School 

Beit Rayim's Holocaust Education Program - 2012
Beit Rayim and Town of Richmond Hill present:




Sunday November 4, 2012 at 2pm

The Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts

10268 Yonge Street, Richmond Hill.  

 Please reserve tickets at 905-771-5526 or click here

Once Voice at a Time