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We are looking for volunteers to deliver welcome packages for new members In early October. 
Please contact Candace, in the office, if you are interested.


High Holy Day Volunteers

High Holy Day set up / tear down Times:
• Rosh Hashanah set up
• Rosh Hashanah tear down
• Yom Kippur set up
• Yom Kippur tear down


  **Buddy Drivers needed** to help Beit Rayim Congregants get to services.   


We are looking to make Beit Rayim that much more fulfilling for our Members and Hebrew School Families, and are looking to you for your input and your help.

Beit Rayim has made great strides in the past year. Our membership has grown over 40%, we have moved to the Schwartz/Reisman Centre, our attendance at Shabbat services has more than doubled, our programs continue to grow in popularity, and our Hebrew School continues to grow.

As they say, "it takes a village"...and, in our case, it takes a village of volunteers to operate and manage Beit Rayim.

We would really appreciate your help as a volunteer to serve the needs of "our village". 

Members who volunteer at Beit Rayim speak excitedly about how this mitzvah has strengthened their Jewish identity, led to new friendships, enhanced their knowledge of Judaism, set an example for their children that volunteering is important, and so much more.

Please contact the shul office at 905-303-5471 or email us for more information.


'Together as a Community'


Published in a book of D'vrei Torah written by Rabbi Sol, published in 2006 by his wife, Elaine. 
There is so much I can accomplish as a member of a congregation than I cannot accomplish alone, as a single individual. Moreover, there is so much that the synagogue can do with your active help and voluntary participation in its programs.

The synagogue working together can ensure that there is a Hebrew School to educate the children of our community and that there are programs of study for adults who want to increase their knowledge and broaden their experience. I alone cannot visit everyone in our synagogue that is ill or grieving nor can I help to provide food and clothing for those in need outside our synagogue. The Chesed Committee, working together, does this effectively. The synagogue is a force in Canadian society acting, as an advocate for Israel, fighting for toleration and against hate crimes. The synagogue promotes social and recreational activities among its members, and encourages artistic expression in music, drama and dance. The synagogue is an extended family with whom we can celebrate joyful times in our lives and with whom we share our grief.

There are many things I cannot do acting alone; but together there is little you and I cannot accomplish.