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Frequently Asked Questions:
it Rayim Synagogue Cemetery Interment Rights

1.     Does Beit Rayim have cemetery interment (plot) rights available?

Yes, Beit Rayim has interment rights available for purchase by Beit Rayim members. Please contact the office if you have specific questions related to your personal situation.  

 2.     How much do interment rights currently cost?

Cemetery interment rights currently cost $3,000 plus HST (prices are subject to change)

3.     Do I pay for interment rights in one payment or can I make installment payments?

You have the option to pay in full or to pay in yearly installments.

If paying by installments, then the process is as follows (process is subject to change):

·       30% is required as an initial payment,

·       the first installment is then due 6 months after the contract is signed,

·       the balance can then be paid in annual installments over the remaining four years,

·       Any outstanding balance is due at the time of need,

·       A document of interment right is provided following the final payment. Please allow time for administrative processing.

4.     If I purchase and have paid in full for interment rights through Beit Rayim do I need to remain a member of Beit Rayim Synagogue to retain my rights?

No, your interment rights belong to you. However, you need to be a Beit Rayim Synagogue member in good standing to be entitled to free rabbinic services.

5.     If I purchased an interment right through Beit Rayim is the cemetery and plot number assigned?

While a plot in the Beit Rayim section is reserved, the exact location (i.e. plot and row number) is not. In the case of couples who purchase two plots, once the first person passes the adjacent space is reserved for the other person unless requested otherwise.

6.     Where does Beit Rayim Synagogue currently have plots?

Beit Rayim is currently in the process of securing a large section in Pardes Chaim Cemetery (Bathurst St in Vaughan). We also have a section in Pardes Shalom (Dufferin St in Vaughan) but we do not have interment rights available for purchase in this section. 

7.     Does Beit Rayim make a profit on the sale of cemetery plot rights?

Beit Rayim charges its members only the cost it pays to the cemetery.

8. If you have any questions:

  1. Please contact the Beit Rayim office at (905)303-5471 or [email protected]
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The following questions and answers apply only to new Beit Rayim members that were Shaar Shalom Synagogue members as of June 30, 2016:

1.     If I join Beit Rayim, what is the process for interment rights?

You are entitled to an interment right (plot) upon confirmation from Shaar Shalom that you qualify. Then the same policies apply to all Beit Rayim members as outlined above.

To qualify you need to do the following:

  1. Complete a Beit Rayim membership application and be in good standing (assessed dues paid)
  2. Complete and sign the Shaar Shalom enrollment form
    1. Beit Rayim can provide you this form
    2. once completed you can return it to the Beit Rayim office and we will forward to Shaar Shalom on your behalf
  3.  Shaar Shalom will confirm eligibility upon receiving the enrollment form (one plot if the letter is for one person, and two if for a couple).
  4. If eligible, a document of interment right will be provided following completion of the transaction process with Toronto Hebrew Memorial Parks. Please allow time for administrative processing.
    1. Once this title is received it belongs to the member.
  5. Burial services by our clergy are included for members in good standing at time of need

2.     I was a member of Shaar Shalom and I already have interment rights in the Shaar Shalom section …. how does joining Beit Rayim affect this?

Once you join Beit Rayim, responsibility for interment rights will be transferred to Beit Rayim. Terms for current Beit Rayim members will apply to you. (See points above.) If you have a reserved plot alongside a family member, Shaar Shalom will transfer the information at the time of your enrolment and Beit Rayim will manage the process as they do with other Beit Rayim members.

3. If you have any questions:

  1. Please contact the Beit Rayim office at (905)303-5471 or [email protected]
  2. Please contact the Shaar Shalom office at (905)889-4975 or [email protected]

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Being part of a synagogue means you are part of a large family - a family that is there to share all life cycle events with you.

One of the most difficult things to deal with is planning for the burial of a loved one. Members of Beit Rayim can turn to the Chesed Committee and Cemetery Committee for assistance at their time of need. The Cemetery Committee is responsible for monitoring the needs of the synagogue for plots and coordinating the allocation and reservation of plots.

CLICK HERE  for our current cemetery policy that came into effect January 1, 2013.