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Graham Wells

It was Hillel who said “if not now, when?”. It has been 10 years since my family enrolled our eldest in the Hebrew school, and about 6 years since we became members at Beit Rayim.


The time is indeed now, and I wish to join the board of Beit Rayim to support the shul and ensure it endures as a true house of friends in the coming years. I love our Egalitarian Conservative culture. It provides a welcoming environment for newcomers and is a point of pride for regulars. In fact, that was a prime factor in determining which synagogue we would join.


Our services, our school and our programs form a strong environment in which we can connect to our community and history in a contemporary yet traditional way. It was the members and atmosphere of this shul which inspired my personal journey to find myself in Judaism.


I have three children involved in our Hebrew School and have been through two B’nai Mitzvot at Beit Rayim with one more to go in 2021. We also recently had our wedding at Beit Rayim.


As I look to the future, I want Beit Rayim to not just be the shul for myself and my children, but for my children’s children. As far away as that seems right now, I believe we need to work hard now to help our shul into the next generation. Now is the time I’m ready and willing to roll up my sleeves and do my part to help make that possible.


Career wise, I have been in banking since 2003 (in Canada and the US), honing my math and coding skills in capital markets analytics. In my spare time, I play on the Beit Rayim softball team. Tuesday nights I volunteer with my local Scout Group, 1st Ballantrae, Stouffville as Akela for the Cub Scouts. We engage in community service, work on outdoor adventure skills and of course we camp.


I look forward to combining my volunteer experience and love of Beit Rayim to help make our shul the best, as our shinshinyot say ”בית רים הוא בית הכנסת הטוב ביותרבטורונטו“.

Sat, June 15 2019 12 Sivan 5779