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Principal & Director of Youth Engagement and Education   Avivit Yoffe
Synagogue & School Administive Assistant - Shelly Yachaev 

Teachers Bios  2017/18

Sharon Stern – JK/SK

I have been working in education for over 20 years. My pride and joy is to see the children grow and develop into successful young adults and know that they are special. Give them the tools to succeed in life.

Guy Mannheim – Gr. 6

An Israeli teacher, singer, dancer and Bar/Bat mitzvah teacher, I taught in Israel in all grades from elementary to high school. I taught at Tel-Aviv University and gave lectures at cathedrals. I am also an opera singer and performer with orchestras and opera houses in Israel and around the world. I studied and taught at the Tel Aviv Cantorial Institute.

Ayelet Krikunetz – Gr. 2

My name is Ayelet Krikunetz.  I have been teaching grades 1 and 2 at Supplementary Hebrew Schools for the last 25 years.

I have an ECE and work at Associated Hebrew School during the day.  I am looking forward to great year ahead.

Gabriella Serruya – Music Teacher

Gabriella is a seasoned music instructor and community leader with over 25 years of experience developing and delivering individual and group music programs for people of all ages. Gabriella holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts Music degree from York University, is a certified Orff Schulwerk instructor from the Royal Conservatory of Music and a Grade 10-level RCM pianist. Gabriella has played trombone in musical theatre orchestras and has also performed in numerous choirs, jazz and classical ensembles. She has led music programs in schools, day care centers, community and faith organizations. Above all, Gabriella is passionate about developing the love of music in all her students.

Yona Katz  - Chidon tanach , Enrichment & Hebrew for Adults

Yona Katz is an experienced Hebrew and Jewish Studies teacher. Katz's B.A. is from Bar-Ilan University in Israel.  Her Master degree, as well as her PhD, is from the University of Toronto.   When Katz arrived from Israel, she taught for three years at Beth Tzedec Congregational School, and then switched to teach at the United Synagogue Day School for fourteen years.  There, she prepared middle school students, with excellent results, for various Bible Contests, including the Regional, National, and even three times for the International Competition in Israel.  Katz joined Beit Rayim educators' team as an enrichment teacher, Bible Contest, and teaching Hebrew for adults.

Ruth Sonderling – Jk/Sk

My name is Ruth Sonderling, I have been working at Beit Rayim for the past 3 years. I have over 20 years’ experience in child care. Looking forward to meeting all of you this coming year.

Margot Bychustky – Gr. 7

Margot is an OCT certified teacher, and has been teaching at Beit Rayim for 7 years. She specializes in Holocaust education, history and the arts. Margot has taught in both the Jewish private system and the public boards since 2010.

Rachel Atteslander – Gr. 4

I have been a Hebrew teacher for many years in the public day school system and in supplementary schools. My passion is to teach about Israel and Jewish values.

Tova Dror – Gr. 5

I am a certified teacher with 38 years of continuous full-time teaching experience in Judaic studies and Hebrew Language in the day- school system in the USA, Israel and Canada. Between 1965 to 1972 I t taught full time in Conservative Congregational Hebrew Schools in California USA. Between 1976 to 2014I Taught full time in United Synagogue Day School that became Robbins Hebrew Academy, Grades 2, 3, 4 & 5. I have been teaching at Beit Rayim since 2001. I have a B.A. in Jewish Education from University of Judaism in Los Angeles, California. a B.A. in General Education from University of Judaism, Los Angeles, California, and a One complete year of M.A. courses in education from the University of Judaism, Los Angeles, California.

Miriam Warner – Gr. 1

Morah Miriam Warner has over 20 years’ experience teaching at Jewish Day Schools, Private Jewish Preschools and Supplementary Hebrew School.
She speaks Hebrew, having made Aliyah to Israel with her family from 1964-67 and 1977-78.

Morah Miriam has been with Beit Rayim since 2003, teaching Grades 1 and 2, supply teaching for all grade levels and as a remedial Hebrew tutor.

She is looking forward to her 15th year with our school as she continues to inspire her students with a pride of being Jewish and a love for Eretz Yisrael through her innovative, fun and creative approach to learning.

Nurit Levy – Gr. 3

Nurit Levy is currently a Hebrew school teacher, and has been teaching at Beit Rayim Hebrew School for the past 16 years. She is an experienced Hebrew School teacher with a demonstrated history in primary education for bible studies, Jewish culture, and Israeli history. Beyond the standard curriculum, Nurit brings a strong passion for Judaic studies, as well as her love for Israel. As a native Israeli, Nurit completed her military service with the Israel Defense Forces, whereby she worked in a Kibbutz allowing her to develop a passion for teaching and the development of children. After completing her service, she obtained an Honors Bachelors of Arts in General History and Bible Study at Haifa University. Shortly after, she continued her studies in Haifa University earning a Teacher's Certificate. Nurit obtained a Midrasha L'morim in Toronto. Nurit is dynamic resourceful teaching professional with a genuine interest in student’s cognitive and social growth.

Avivit Yoffe  joined Beit Rayim as our new Principal and Director of Youth Education and Engagement.  Avivit is responsible to positively influence Beit Rayim’s youth to gain a memorable Jewish experience. This is being achieved by creating an energetic and interactive learning environment, delivering a high-quality academic program and developing engaging activities that inspire our youth to take pride in living a Jewish life and being part of the Beit Rayim Kehilla.

Avivit comes to us from Associated Hebrew School-Kamin where she has taught for nine years.  She has also been a teacher for Kachol Lavan and Temple Har Zion supplementary schools.  Prior to Avivit’s teaching she had worked for six years as the manager for human resources at the Migdal Group in Israel.

Avivit is a highly motivated professional who is passionate about initiating and driving social activities to increase the connection of our young generation to the Jewish and Israeli heritage

Avivit is a native of Israel having completed her military service with Israeli Defense Forces.

Avivit comes with a wealth of experience in education and administration that will help us tremendously in our efforts going forward. 

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