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Our Chesed Committee

In Jewish tradition, kindness is expressed with the Hebrew word chesed.

Like many Hebrew words, chesed does not translate precisely into English. The word means more than simply “kindness.” The contemporary Jewish scholar and teacher Avivah Zornberg has said that chesed is “not just loving-kindness as it’s usually translated, but is also courage and imagination.”

At Beit Rayim, we have had to stand with courage, and imagine new ways that we can provide support and community to our members.

From offering Services via Zoom, to creating new opportunities for members to stay connected to Jewish values and practices, it feels like one of the most powerful things we can do right now is share our humanity, share our love, and support one another.

That’s why we have revived our Beit Rayim Chesed Committee.

The Chesed Committee is an initiative to provide a helping hand to each other in support of Jewish values and traditions. 

The scope for supporting the community is broad and even a small contribution of your time or other resources is valuable, powerful, and will create ripples of unity not only within our congregation but into the world as whole. Tikun olam.  

Our Vision

  • We are a meaningful expression of Beit Rayim’s vision and values as a true House of Friends.
  • We are living and growing example of what chesed is and can be, beginning with kindness, courage, imagination, compassion, and empathy.
  • We inspire and engage all Congregation households to participate in mitzvot of mutual support and loving kindness for the benefit of the entire congregation.
  • We create a Community that is inspired and empowered to support each other, in the spirit of Jewish values and tradition, by participating with chesed, and mitzvah towards tikun olam.
  • To empower a vision of chesed that is fully expressive of what chesed can be.

Our Mission

  • To support Beit Rayim congregants by coordinating and maintaining a community of “friends” to help celebrate, support and/or comfort others in need within our congregation. This includes personal and business.
  • To empower action from the Beit Rayim community by educating others on what chesed can be.
  • To enhance and nurture the spirit of community within our growing congregation. 
  • To encourage members to reach out to the committee in time of need.
  • To encourage young people to perform acts of chesed (community service hours)

So that we can help those in need, the committee is always looking to create and nurture a network of contacts to be in touch with on occasion. This includes people and businesses.

There is no obligation to participate by simply being on the list. It only means you will be offered an opportunity to share kindness. Not only does this help a fellow congregant but gives you an opportunity to experience kindness yourself.

There are many ways to engage in chesed that require very little, and go a long way in supporting and building each other up, as members of a house of friends, and simply as human beings living by Jewish values.

Of course support will be created as conditions allow, in person, online, by phone or email, delivery, etc.

If you could benefit from the Chesed Committee, have ideas to share for how to extend chesed, you would like to be on the list now, as someone who can assist on occasion please email

Tue, 26 September 2023 11 Tishrei 5784