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Founding Rabbi: Rabbi Sol Tanenzapf z"l

1976 - 2006

The Beit Rayim Congregation suffered an enormous loss on March 18, 2006 when our beloved Rabbi, Sol Tanenzapf, passed away. He will be deeply missed by all who knew him. However, his words and wisdom continue to provide guidance and inspiration:

Rabbi Sol z"l believed that a Congregation working together could ensure that the needs of the community are met in a way that an individual could not; that there is a Hebrew School to educate the children of our community, and that there are programs of study for adults who want to increase their knowledge and broaden their experience.

The Congregation is a force in Canadian society, acting as an advocate for Israel, fighting for tolerance and against hate crimes. The Congregation promotes social and recreational activities among its members, and encourages artistic expression in music, drama, and dance. The Congregation is an extended family with whom we can celebrate joyful times in our lives and with whom we can share our grief.

"There are many things I cannot do acting alone; but together there is little you and I cannot accomplish."

Rabbi Emeritus Chezi Zionce z"l

2012 - 2018

From the time he arrived at Beit Rayim in 2012 until his untimely death in 2018, Rabbi Chezi z”l was a force:a winning combination of knowledge and reverence for Torah with a deeply soulful side and an unparalleled sense of humour. As a result, people from all over were drawn to Beit Rayim and our membership grew dramatically. 

Rabbi Chezi z”l infused our services with insight, energy and passion. When he presided over a lifecycle event - be it happy or sad - he imbued it with deep meaning and significance. In doing so, he connected with each person there


Cantor Emeritus Eli Bard

1994 - 2017

Cantor Eli and his late, beloved wife, Ester z"l came to Beit Rayim in 1994.

Together, over time, they transformed Beit Rayim's services, programs and adult education initiatives - leaving an indelible mark on our kehila.

Though we lost Ester z"l in 2012 and Eli is no longer leading services they are part of Beit Rayim's heart and soul. 


Eli & Ester z"l Tribute - Part 1


Eli & Ester z"l Tribute - Part 2

Thu, 23 May 2024 15 Iyyar 5784