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Sale of Chametz

Jewish Law forbids both the consumption and the ownership of all chametz and chametz products between Erev Pesach (April 5, 2023) and the end of Pesach (April 13, 2023). 

This form will enable Rabbanit Rachael Turkienicz to sell all of your chametz to a person who is not Jewish, who will halakhically own your chametz, though it need not leave your house or any other location in which you may store chametz.  Please collect all your chametz into one area of your home and leave it covered.

In order for Rabbanit Rachael to act as your agent in this capacity, we ask for an minimum donation of $18 to our shul. 

Shtar Mechirat Hametz – Form for Sale of Chametz

Sun, 26 March 2023 4 Nisan 5783