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In Person Services

The Reopening Task Force, after consultation with the Board of Directors, is planning to reopen our sanctuary for services, to be attended by not more than 20 people per service over the August and September period prior to the High Holy Days. The services will also continue on Zoom.

The first Shabbat service will be held on Saturday August 15, 2020 at 9:30 am.

Please read the following carefully. If you prefer, you may click here for the video version of this message.
Rules for attendance:
1.  Preregistration will be required for all attendees.The registration link will be made available on the Wednesday before Shabbat, at 9 am.

2.  Preregistration deadline:
By noon on the Thursday before the service.

3.  All attendees must:
arrive 30 minutes prior to services in order to go through the building's screening process
enter through the north entrance of the building only
-  wear a mask/facial covering. You will require a mask in order to gain access to the building. The synagogue does not provide masks. The mask covering must be worn in a manner consistent with Ministry of Health/ Public Health rules.
-  identify themselves to screeners/ security at the building entrance and answer Covid 19 screening questions before entry;
-  practice social distancing (keep a 2 m/ 6 ft. distance from others) from those not in your "bubble" at all times and maintain within your "bubble";
-  bring their own kippot and tallitot;
-  siddurim and chumashim will be available to attendees to use and take home with them, for the purposes of using them upon re-attendance;
-  upon entry, follow the required directions for entry to/exit from the sanctuary;

4.  Please also note that:                                                       
-  attendees are to remain seated at all times (other than to go to the washroom); at the conclusion of the service, attendees will leave the sanctuary as directed by the volunteers and exit the building immediately;
-  the washrooms in the conference centre will not be available. The available washrooms are located on the main floor near the cafe, for use in a manner consistent with social distancing requirements, which includes only 2 people in the washroom at a time;
-  hand sanitizer will be available;
-  security and volunteers will be on site at all times to help attendees and to answer any questions.
Please remember that this reopening is required to follow the many rules and guidelines of the Ontario Ministry of Health and Vaughan Public Health. Our synagogue, like other synagogues is being cautious in its reopening policies to ensure our membership is as safe as possible, so the experience may not be optimal at this point. We will strive to expand and streamline the services and access to them as time goes on and we get more practical experience in operating under this unique and challenging environment.

For additional details regarding the services, please refer to this week's Rabbi's Spotlight.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to email us.

We look forward to seeing you at services.

Sat, September 19 2020 1 Tishrei 5781