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Meet Rabbi Corber 

Rabbi Joshua Corber




I grew up in Vancouver in a home where Jewish values and involvement in Jewish communal life was and continues to be extremely important. In fact both my parents are originally from Montreal and both my father 's family and my maternal great grandparents were Shaare Zion members.

I was always inspired by the Torah narratives and the rhythm of Jewish life. As a young man, I was particularly interested in spirituality and mysticism and spent several years seeking to integrate this interest with my Judaism. While at University I had a few powerful experiences which shifted my perspective on Judaism dramatically. As a result of these experiences I decided to observe mitzvot as a life-style choice. Around this time, my inclination to teach, lead, and engage with my people crystalized into my long journey to becoming a Rabbi. 

While studying at Yeshiva in Jerusalem I applied to rabbinical schools of numerous denominations. Wishing to remain dedicated to halakhic observance while also keeping true to my progressive roots, the Conservative movement was the natural choice. The outstanding leadership and faculty of the Ziegler School in Los Angeles challenged me to grow in my textual knowledge while also helping me develop the maturity and menschlekeit required of a Rabbi. In addition to Ziegker, the community of IKAR and the mentorship of Rabbi Sharon Brous were instrumental in helping me find my own Rabbinic voice and vision. 

Ohev et-habriot u'mekorvan L'Torah. We are all called upon to love the Jewish people and bring one another closer to Torah. My personal mission is to help individuals and communities by providing care, support, and guidance, and by broadening their access to Torah while helping them develop their own spiritual path. I have and will always pursue this mission with passion and joy with which I hope to inspire others.  

Sat, March 6 2021 22 Adar 5781